Pampering the Pregnant Woman


I called it “Pamper Me Friday”.

Acupuncture, massage and floating.

Every Friday afternoon I would get acupuncture, then a float and finish it all off with a massage. Sometimes the order was changed, sometimes I couldn’t manage all three, but for the most part, this trinity of therapies was where it was at! What more could a pregnant woman want? An occasional mani-pedi… Breakfast in bed… Sure. But the holy trinity kept my body in check and present and as comfortable as possible.

The massage loosened my muscles and eased the tension of my growing stressed out body. The acupuncture kept me healthy, dealt with my constipation and kept my chi moving. The floating was a great anti-inflammatory for my swollen pregnant body and a soothing source of meditation for my panicking mind.

The holy trinity took care of me. It might not have been breakfast in bed, but this was some seriously good pregnant pampering. I may not have gotten a good nights sleep for 9 months or so, but damn, Fridays were wonderful.


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