My First Nap with My Baby

For the first month of my pregnancy, when I didn’t know what my body was up to, I was floating all the time. I worked full time at FloatOn that month. General shop operations: cleaning, customer service, tank upkeep. Sometimes there was a random opening in the schedule and I could hop in a tank, and I did. It was a very busy month for me, getting up around 5am, driving long commutes, working a lot, going to bed late, sleeping very little. Go go go. I was also working full time as a glass artist, a business I have nurtured for 14 years.  I make glass artwork, I sell it and I teach at a local studio. Floating was my solace, and my sanity.

Sunday night I would get in the tank for a long late night float. It was like my weekly reset. I had been doing this for over a year.

My second month of pregnancy was marked by a severe exhaustion. I was eating less, working less, driving less, and floating less. It was absolutely painful to do anything. Even floating was a bother. Having to shower, and then float and then shower again and then go home and get back in bed, it was all just a bother. And this was a huge sense of irritation for me, as I adore floating and I didn’t want to ruin my happy place by this association with being so bothered by it all.

However, frankly, I would get in the tank exhausted and feel myself wake up, restored with each minute I soaked. I had to stop floating late at night, it was not harmonious with my life and my pregnancy. As the only time I felt wide awake, was when I was floating.

I had to find a new time to float. This proved tricky at first. I had spent over a year getting used to my regular time to float, late at night. Suddenly this wasn’t working for me, and I had to rearrange my schedule. Almost illustrating my new reality; that I’d be having to rearrange everything I knew and loved. Now this new baby would be turning everything up-side down.

I found an acupuncturist that has a passion for floating, and a penchant for working with women’s health and pregnancy. There was a pivotal moment in my floating where he urged me to use the tank to go in and acknowledge my pregnancy. I had conceived and aborted one baby when I was 19 years old. He suggested I go into the tank and consider this pregnancy. I did, and I found myself feeling grateful for this pregnancy. Gratitude flooded my float. For everything that led to this moment, this space that I shared with the tiny human inside of me. And I said Hi to the baby. It was a beautiful moment. I felt it flutter inside of me. Little bud of a baby.

From that moment on my floats pregnant did not irritate me. I found time in my schedule and I discovered how delicious floating pregnant could be. It was comforting and energizing.


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