Baby Position


One day I got into the tank and my sore hips were just singing their song of woe.  So I started rotating the lower half of my body, slowly swinging my belly back and forth in the tank.  I was laying on my belly.  Everything quickly relaxed into the soothing movement.  Back and forth I swung this big bulge of my belly.  The movement caused a little bit of a current in the water, like the ocean water lapping on a beach at night.  A gentle and peaceful sound.  I realized I could feel the baby move to lay straight down in my belly, head in my pelvis, butt up in my ribs, his back down, reclining  against my belly wall.  He laid there like he was in a hammock.  And I was struck by how easy and painless it was to get him to move into this position.  The natural instinct of reclining in a comfortable hammock.  The baby and I both took a nap like this.  It felt wonderful.


And it’s well worth noting:  I had no issues with baby position during birth.