9 Months Pregnant

slug on train trackWow.  Tonight I floated after yet another long day of moving out of my old house.



side note:  my doctors told me most pregnant women do crazy things at the end of their pregnancies, like moving, and I was no exception!  I procrastinated moving until 2 weeks before I gave birth!  I wrote this when I was 9 months pregnant, and I had gestational diabetes, so I was seriously missing being able to eat cake.


9 monthshere I am – 9 months pregnant – to say moving was hard is an understatement!



I am so stressed out by it all, it’s like I am high wired with anxiety.  So getting into a sensory deprivation tank is just what I needed.  And today is the day before we turn in the keys, so I feel a little bit elated at how close I am to being done!!




For the most part I had a very restless float.  I moved around a lot, trying to soak out the tension.  I tried to get the baby to move to a more comfortable position (for me) but he wasn’t havin’ it.  So finally I just relaxed on my back and dreamt about bite size gooey cinnamon rolls.  It was so scrumptious it woke me up.


The muscles in my butt are so tense, it felt good to soak and stretch.  I have been walking up and down stairs every day, over and over and over, as I move things into the new house.  I could feel the tension releasing in the tank.


At some point in the float, it came into my head what a happy baby this little boy is.  I kept thinking (like a mantra) “happy baby, happy baby, happy baby”.  It felt great!

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